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Leanbean – 1 Month Supply

Included: x1 Leanbean

Unlike other supplements Leanbean’s natural formula has been handpicked to support the specific needs of women.

Initially created for female fitness models looking to get in shape before a big competition. Leanbean is now available to you too!

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Vicky, England

I feel amazing and almost ready to be a bridesmaid at my best friends wedding!I’ve been recommending your product to everyone I know!! THANK YOU LEANBEAN!

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Why Leanbean?

FDA Registered

Leanbean was designed for female fitness models looking for an added edge in the gym. We quickly found however that it was incredibly popular with huge numbers of real women too.

You might be wondering what makes Leanbean different?

The answer is simple…

It is the supplement of its type to be properly formulated for women.

Get 30 days of Leanbean today and start experiencing the benefits of some of nature’s most effective ingredients.

Key Ingredients


Konjac Fibre

Glucomannan, is a dietary fibre that comes from the root of the Konjac plant.

This fibrous substance is one of the most well-loved ingredients in the wellness sector and has been subject to many different studies.



Chromium is an essential trace mineral, which has been shown to support normal macronutrient metabolism, one of the main objectives of a healthy diet. Studies comparing chromium picolinate vs other forms of chromium found it to be the most effective of all of them. It was also observed that chromium picolinate is better absorbed by the body.


Vitamin B6, B12

The B complex of vitamins plays an important role in healthy bodyweight, in particular they have been shown to be fundamental in helping you achieve a normal, energy yielding metabolism. They are also key to increasing energy and reducing fatigue, the goal of anyone looking to stay fit and healthy.

Leanbean benefits

  • The number 1 choice of female athletes.
  • Supports normal metabolism to help you achieve your body goals.
  • Finally get off the merry-go-round of cheap supplements.
  • Cutting edge, natural ingredients – no harmful stimulants.
  • Optimal dosing – Four capsules a day for ‘around the clock’ results

Supplement Facts

Take 1 capsule four times a day with a meal or snack.
For optimum results take daily and consistently. Do not exceed stated dose.
For adults only. Consult your doctor if you have any medical conditions or are taking any medications or remedies.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Rebecca, GERMANY

I started eating much cleaner and healthier portion sizes like it states to do in the diet pdf I was able to download as soon as I had purchased my package. I also started following some of the exercises too on a daily basis. Taking 1 tablet 4 times a day as close to the same time as possible every day.

After around 10 days I noticed all my cravings had gone and I could see my shape changing. Within 2 weeks I had a lot more energy, I was feeling on top of the world and full of life.

Maxime, Netherlands

How do I feel when taking Leanbean four times a day?

I feel fit throughout the day and I don’t feel like eating snacks anymore. I’m way less hungry. In combination with sports and a healthy diet Leanbean is perfect. And this is coming from a girl who was way too sceptical.

The reason why I tried Leanbean is because the ingredients are all natural and that was/is very important to me!

Anette, Hungary

First of all thank you for the product. I honestly loved it, i have tried similar products before and sometimes i had headaches and symptoms like strange heart pumping and weakness in my body.

With Leanbean I never had any side-effect even me who has a really sensitive body I never felt anyhing honestly. I am really happy with the results and hopefully more to come with my journey with Leanbean. I am just so glad i have found this product and changed my every day lifestyle

Use Leanbean. See results.

Or your money back

If you use Leanbean four times a day for 3 months and don’t think it’s helped you get results, we’ll give you a refund.

* Disclaimer:

All testimonials are from genuine customers. Results will vary depending on the individual. Products are intended to be used alongside a healthy diet and exercise regime.

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